English childcare

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LIBERT’HOME supports your child in the acquisition of modern English through regular interaction with English-speaking babysitters. Our service allows you to combine the services of childcare and language learning.

Why childcare in English?

Foreign languages ​​are fundamental to the future professional and personal lives of your children. It is therefore important to introduce them to a foreign language at an early age. For this, LIBERT’HOME puts at your disposal a babysitter who will only ever speak English to your child. The goal is for your child to learn English in a natural and fun way, through encouraging them to interact in English everyday.

Your babysitter at home

  • Is 100% Anglophone and will communicate to your children English through dialogue, games, role plays, songs, etc.
  • Has experience with children.
  • Is trained and competent in order to provide the necessary care and security your child needs.
  • Is flexible to your needs and can adapt to your schedule.
  • Is responsive to your child and your specific requests.

  • If preferred, we can a offer you a babysitter who is both English and French speaking.

    LIBERT’HOME is a quality recruiter with a specific selection criteria made by our human resources manager who adapts to your needs to be able to better respond to your request.


    Your English-speaking babysitter can look after your children in the morning, afternoon or all day, depending on your needs. When you entrust your children to LIBERT’HOME Wednesday is:

  • A day of learning English through many fun activities for the development of your child.
  • Managed by a qualified babysitter who will ensure the safety of your children whilst accompanying them on their extra-curricular activities.
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