French childcare

School collections and Wednesdays

LIBERT’HOME supports your kids from the moment they finish school with our qualified babysitters who will escort your children safely from school.

Your LIBERT’HOME babysitter is responsible for collecting your children out of school and for caring for them until you return. Upon returning home, your babysitter can offer your childcare and support in a number of area

Our services include:

  • Help with homework (up to CM2).
  • Organised games and activities that will keep your child safe and focused in their leisure time
  • Accompanying your child on their extra-curricular activities
  • Your baby sitter at home

    • Has experience with children.
    • Is trained to be competent in providing security for your children.
    • Adapts to your needs and works according to your schedule.
    • Is responsive to your children and your requirements.

    LIBERT’HOME is a quality recruiter with a specific selection criteria made by our human resources manager who adapts to your needs to be able to better respond to your request.


    Generally, children are not in school on Wednesday or Wednesday afternoon. For this, LIBERT’HOME adapts itself and offers care for your children in convention with your needs and schedules.

    Your LIBERT’HOME babysitter will look after your children during the morning, afternoon or all day, depending on your requirements.

    Entrusting your children with a LIBERT’HOME babysitter on Wednesday means you will be provided with someone who is:

    • Responsive to the needs and expectations of your children
    • Can prepare their meals, snacks, organise their bath time and prepare them for bed.
    • Will provide support for your children in their extra-curricular activities
    • Can take your children on recreational outings
    • Will help your children develop whilst keeping them safe .


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