Quality of Service :

  • 1) If my schedule changes will my babysitter be available?
    We have a system that ensures our babysitters are the most flexible on the market. It is for you to organise the number of hours you require a babysitter each week.
  • 2) If my babysitter is suddenly unavailable can you provide me with a replacement?
    Yes. This is part of our quality service and we are committed to replacing your babysitter in case of absence.
  • 3) What happens if I don’t approve your initial selection of babysitter?
    LIBERT’HOME will provide you with up to three babysitters. Finding a babysitter who suits your needs is our top priority.
  • Billing:

  • 4) Will I benefit from the tax reduction of 50% if I use your service?
    Indeed, LIBERT’HOME is a company authorized by the state, which allows its customers to benefit from 50% discount.
  • 5) Will I be charged if my schedule changes?
    LIBERT’HOME is very flexible and adapts to your needs. We charge the number of hours actually worked. In other words, you can cancel or add sessions each week and you will be charged appropriately.
  • 6) Are transportation costs included in the price?
    Yes. Transportation costs are included in our prices. LIBERT’HOME attempts to select candidates who live close to your home in order to minimise the travel times of our employees and hence increase their flexibility for your convenience.
  • Location:

  • 7) What is your area of ​​operation?
    LIBERT’HOME offers its services in the Paris region, that is Paris and its suburbs (78, 91, 92, 93, 94,95).
    Approved by the state, LIBERT’HOME has no geographic boundaries and this allows us to adapt to your place of residence.
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